Contemplating a Move to Senior Living During COVID-19

As COVID numbers begin to drop, vaccination becomes more wide-spread and restrictions begin to lift, many people are re-evaluating the lifestyle benefits that senior living offers, especially after nearly a year of isolation. While each individual and family must make the choice that is right for them, for some, the advantages of living in a senior living community outweigh the reasons to postpone a move, particularly as we navigate these changing, yet still challenging, times.


Primary Access to Testing and Vaccines

As of this month, many residents and staff who live and work at Encore Senior Living owned or managed communities, including The Courtyard at Bellevue, have now opted to receive the additional protection of the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, Encore Senior Living communities offer convenient and regular health monitoring for residents and staff as needed or required.


Maintaining Safety

Encore Senior Living communities also follow state and national guidelines to minimize potential health risks for residents. As such, senior living can actually help mitigate the risk of coronavirus that is inherent to alternative options, such as living with family members who may not be able to isolate or vaccinate due to professional and other constraints or circumstances.


Keeping in Touch

In the recent past, family members’ inability to visit senior living residents during the pandemic caused concern. Now, in most cases, pending state guidelines, senior living residents can visit with family members under pre-arranged appointments and specific circumstances. This is a welcomed change that allows families to stay better connected as we all look forward to even more flexibility with visiting one another in the near future.


Staying Engaged

Encore Senior Living communities remain very creative in fostering opportunities for socialization and offering activities like birthday and holiday celebrations with themed parties, fitness classes, art projects and mentally stimulating activities that are fun and engaging for residents, even at the required social distance.

Making the Choice That’s Right for YOU

In general, older adults who encounter the following circumstances, are good candidates for senior living:

  • Seniors who appreciate and benefit from social engagement.
  • Seniors who appreciate support with shopping and meal preparation.
  • Seniors who need regular assistance with the activities of daily living such as eating, bathing and dressing.
  • Seniors who live alone and have a medical condition that may require more urgent attention.
  • Seniors who have memory impairment.
  • Seniors living with any family members who are unable to consistently social distance or isolate.
  • Seniors who live with any family member who travels frequently.


Mitigating Risk

While considering a move, keep in mind that if one’s needs would be best met in senior living, remaining in an environment that does not fully support those needs comes with its own inherent health risks, including the potential to not receive the care, support and engagement one needs to live one’s best life.


Of course, there are risks with every option, however, for many older adults, senior living is a viable option, and in some circumstances, the best choice, especially now with the vaccine being offered to residents and staff.


For more information about Encore Senior Living communities’ response to COVID-19, please contact The Courtyard at Bellevue at (920) 336-5012.

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